The Foothills Stream Crossing Partnership (FSCP) is a multi-industry partnership with the main objective of improving the condition and performance of stream crossings on the landscape.

Since its inception in 2005, over 1300 crossings belonging to over 40 companies and government agencies, have been inventoried and prioritized into high, medium and low risk watersheds.  All FSCP companies representing crossings in these high risk watersheds participate in the design of remediation plans that outline the strategies, timing and the justification for the order the crossings are mitigated. 

By working with other companies in the watershed FSCP members can plan to fix fish barriers in a sequential order moving up the watershed and address sedimentation problems from the top of the watershed down.  The result is efficient use of resources while encouraging dialogue between stakeholders so that surrounding concerns in the watershed are taken into consideration and the priority of that crossing in particular.

fRI Research is the coordinating organization for FSCP. This means that fRI Research assists FSCP with administration functions such as HR and IT, but FSCP  conducts its activities independently, on its own member’s mandate. fRI Research also helps FSCP to liase with other stakeholders such as government, academia, and environmental NGOs.