several pepole in hi-viz standing on a bank near a creek coming out of a large culvert. trucks parked in the background


Quick Facts

  • Designed and implemented a standardized stream crossing inspection protocol
  • Widespread adoption of FSCP protocols has led to a coordinated approach for the inspection, monitoring, reporting and repair of crossings
  • Published a Stream Crossing Inspections Manual and developed and delivered water crossing and inspection courses in collaboration with Woodlands Operational Learning Foundation
  • Online database mapping tool has 13,000+ inspections of 8,000+ individual crossings
  • Developed watershed-based remediation plans which foster collaboration between crossing owners, maximizing riparian health benefits

Project Spotlight: Culvert

This beautiful embedded culvert was installed by Cenovus Energy. The original culvert was installed hanging by the previous road owner many years ago. The newly constructed bed will offer fish an uninterrupted trip upstream.

hanging culvert
Old culvert
embedded culvert

Project spotlight: Open Bottom Arch

Located in the southern foothills, Yarrow Creek is home to federally listed Bull Trout. The previous multiple culverts were passing water but were barriers to fish passage. The new open bottom arch allows for uninterrupted fish passage for fish during all life stages. This crossing was identified through proactive industry lead stream crossing monitoring and mitigation prioritization.

Project spotlight: Bridge

Another great mitigation made possible by proactive, industry driven stream crossing management.

This hanging culvert was blocking fish access to 12km of high quality trout habitat. The crossing owner removed the existing hanging culvert, reconstructed the channel bed and installed a clear span bridge. Now fish in the Wildhay River can move upstream to spawn, rear young and overwinter.