Interpretive signage showcases innovative stream crossing

Visitors to Hardisty Creek just south of Hinton can now learn about geotextile reinforced soil (GRS) arches, the institute’s Foothills Stream Crossing Program, and what goes on within a creek, thanks to new interpretive signage.

Take a trip down Highway 40 south. The signs are visible from the road and are on the west side of the highway. They include information about the Athabasca rainbow trout, invertebrates, sediment deposits and turbidity.

This demonstration site is the first crossing of its type in Alberta, but there are more being constructed now due to the industry tours we’ve done,” says Ngaio Baril, project lead.

This is a great site for industry, students and the public to learn about the benefits of using GRS arches, which keep the integrity of the stream bottom intact.