Recommendations for a Wetland Crossings Monitoring Protocol

The FSCP recognized a significant data gap in crossing inspection protocols and priorities in the boreal region of Alberta. The Boreal region is characterized by large wetland complexes and low gradient stream channels and inspection protocols developed for the foothills region of Alberta did not collect data useful for the management and remediation of crossings. The FSCP therefore engaged Fuse Consulting, Circle T Consulting, FPInnovations, and Ducks Unlimited Canada to develop a suite of recommendations to inform a potential wetland crossings monitoring protocol.

The main focus of this report is to provide recommendations regarding what parameters could be measured in the field to assess the environmental and structural performance of wetland crossings. A secondary focus of the report is to make general recommendations for structuring a potential monitoring program, including factors such as frequency/timing of monitoring, personnel/training considerations, and reporting and data management. To collect the information required to make these recommendations, we completed a literature review, six interviews with resource extraction companies and regulatory agencies, and field tours of two forestry companies’ wetland crossings.